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MACTRON GROUP is a leading provider for industrial grade of Touch All-In-One System and Embedded Platform System.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Air Bonding Technology

Air Bonding uses two-sided adhesives to bond the touch panel and LCD layers together from four sides. It creates air gap causing reflection leaving lower visual performance compare to optical bonding.

Optical Bonding Technology

Optical Bonding involves attaching the cover lens onto the LCD display with optical adhesives to achieve optimum sunlight readability, reduce dust contamination and internal vapor condensation.

The Advantages of Optical Bonding

Due to an optical bonding of LCD to the touch panel, there is no air gap in between to effectively reduce refraction of external light.

  • Reduce refraction of light
  • Reduce display weight
  • Reduce battery consumption
  • Maximum dust & moisture protection
  • Enhance mechanical strength & shock/vibe performance

Check out MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) MCA Series & MAV Series, we proudly incorporate optical bonding technology to deliver interactive displays with the best user experience available and provide a better viewing and touch experience for everyone.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What is CANBus?

CAN stands for Controller Area Network, the protocol is designed to allow microcontrollers and devices on the network to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer. It is based on the message transmission protocol.

TOP 4 Benefits of CANBus

Simple & Low CostFully CentralizedExtremely RobustEfficient
Communicate via a single CAN system which can reducing error, weight, wiring and costs.CANBus provides one point-of-entry to communicate with all network and enabling central diagnostics.The system is robust towards electric disturbances and electromagnetic interference.CAN messages frames are prioritized by ID where the top priority will get bus access, without causing interruption of other frames.

CANBus Application Usage

At the beginning of design, it used multiplexed communication cables in the CANBus technology for vehicles to reduce the consumption of wires. However, CANBUS can be used by other industries lately.

MAV05002 MAV0703 MAV1013

Check out MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) MAV0502, MAV0703, MAV1013 and other series to know more information!

Thursday, April 21, 2022


Difference Between 1D and 2D Barcode Scanning?

1D scanner only reads linear or 1D barcodes. Its scan distance can be greater than 60cm. 1D scanners are commonly used in retail stores and supermarkets.
2D scanner reads both 1D and 2D barcodes. It can also read damaged or poorly printed barcodes which is ideal for some harsh environment, such as factories, kitchens.

Reads 1D barcodes
Reads 2D barcodes
Improves accuracy
Processes barcodes faster
Scan codes on reflective surfaces
Decodes barcode from any angle
Reads damaged or poorly printed barcodes
Capture digital images of documents and signatures

How Are 1D & 2D Barcodes Used?

1D Barcodes are typically used for identifying items or assets that are associated with variable information that resides in a database.

2D Barcodes can be used to mark very small items. In some cases, these types of codes have been directly etched into auto parts or certain 2D omnidirectional barcodes for small, hard-to-scan surgical items.

DRA1332 MAS1019 MAV1013 MCA0406

Check out MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) DRA1332, MAS1019, MAV1013, MCA0406 and other series to know more information!

Monday, March 7, 2022


What is FCC certification?

FCC is the abbreviation of (Federal Communications Commission), FCC certification is a mandatory certification for electronic products to enter the US market. Involves more than 50 states in the United States.

Difference Between Class A and Class B

Digital devices fall into two categories –
Class A
Class B
, Class A are ones that are marketed exclusively for use in business, industrial and commercial environment. Class B are ones that are marketed for mostly use in residential environment.


Apply to our MACTRON GROUP (MTG) products and market segments, our products which are apply to CommTRON (Commercial) and AutoTRON (Automation) are mostly qualify as Class A, because it is highly unlikely that they would be used in residential areas.

Feature Product

Feature Products
MMS0700, MMS1200

Feature Product

However, for our MediTRON (Medical Healthcare) products, because it’s highly used in residential environment for medical patients’ usages, so it will highly be classified as Class B digital devices.

View MACTRON GROUP’s solution here to find out more about our market segmentations and relevant products that apply to our different application usages.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The 2021 Touch Taiwan Exhibition was rounded off on April 23 at the Nangang Exhibition Center. MACTRON GROUP (MTG) had attended the exhibition for three days from April 21 to April 23.

Touch Taiwan is the world’s leading exhibition for the display industry supply chains. This year, a total of 296 manufacturers used 800 booths and attracted 34,771 visitors. The online exhibition hall attracted 22,947 visitors and 70,969 views from 61 countries, creating an international cross-field exchange and cooperation platform for the industry.

Most users are satisfied with MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) products and services during the exhibition, and some new cooperation projects won the approval of the attendees.

At the same time, MACTRON GROUP (MTG) has gotten a lot of attention, many new customers have shown a strong interest in MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) products, and reached an initial intention for future cooperation.

Although 2021 Touch Taiwan was rounded off, MACTRON GROUP (MTG) keeps moving on and improving ourselves as always. MACTRON GROUP (MTG) will continue to focus on the "Touch Science" to provide the Best-In-Class Touch All-In-One solutions for our partners in IPC field.

Friday, February 26, 2021


Have you ever thought about applying the movie “Transformers” concept with your embedded systems? MACTRON GROUP (MTG) is here to present what we can do to realize the concept.

As a branding hardware solution company, MTG is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology to the IPC industry. With our slogan “Fantastic Life With Touch Science”, we have the faith that nothing can’t be done with the touch. Keeping this faith in mind, we start to develop the three most important vertical market segments including
ediTRON (Medical Healthcare)
utoTRON (Industrial Automation)
ommTRON (Business Commercial)

By “Mix & Match” the corresponding product lines & series based on your requirements, MTG can transform our products into a suitable solution for you. You can select your dedicated market segment and focused models; MTG will prepare a tailor-made product solution for you.

More than that, our product which goes with different modules & accessories can be much more flexible depending on your applications.


Take our MCA Series – Android Rugged Tablet PCs for example. It is powerful and can be whatever you want with numerous data collection modules.

Needing Fingerprint to implement the biometric payment for authentication in retail stores? You can count on us. Want to utilize RFID technology to efficiently monitor the flow of inventory? We got your back!

At MTG, you can turn your ideas into reality. We consider our products and services as “Transformers” to fulfill your tailor-made requirements!