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MACTRON GROUP is a leading provider for industrial grade of Touch All-In-One System and Embedded Platform System.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The 2021 Touch Taiwan Exhibition was rounded off on April 23 at the Nangang Exhibition Center. MACTRON GROUP (MTG) had attended the exhibition for three days from April 21 to April 23.

Touch Taiwan is the world’s leading exhibition for the display industry supply chains. This year, a total of 296 manufacturers used 800 booths and attracted 34,771 visitors. The online exhibition hall attracted 22,947 visitors and 70,969 views from 61 countries, creating an international cross-field exchange and cooperation platform for the industry.

Most users are satisfied with MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) products and services during the exhibition, and some new cooperation projects won the approval of the attendees.

At the same time, MACTRON GROUP (MTG) has gotten a lot of attention, many new customers have shown a strong interest in MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) products, and reached an initial intention for future cooperation.

Although 2021 Touch Taiwan was rounded off, MACTRON GROUP (MTG) keeps moving on and improving ourselves as always. MACTRON GROUP (MTG) will continue to focus on the "Touch Science" to provide the Best-In-Class Touch All-In-One solutions for our partners in IPC field.

Friday, February 26, 2021


Have you ever thought about applying the movie “Transformers” concept with your embedded systems? MACTRON GROUP (MTG) is here to present what we can do to realize the concept.

As a branding hardware solution company, MTG is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology to the IPC industry. With our slogan “Fantastic Life With Touch Science”, we have the faith that nothing can’t be done with the touch. Keeping this faith in mind, we start to develop the three most important vertical market segments including
ediTRON (Medical Healthcare)
utoTRON (Industrial Automation)
ommTRON (Business Commercial)

By “Mix & Match” the corresponding product lines & series based on your requirements, MTG can transform our products into a suitable solution for you. You can select your dedicated market segment and focused models; MTG will prepare a tailor-made product solution for you.

More than that, our product which goes with different modules & accessories can be much more flexible depending on your applications.


Take our MCA Series – Android Rugged Tablet PCs for example. It is powerful and can be whatever you want with numerous data collection modules.

Needing Fingerprint to implement the biometric payment for authentication in retail stores? You can count on us. Want to utilize RFID technology to efficiently monitor the flow of inventory? We got your back!

At MTG, you can turn your ideas into reality. We consider our products and services as “Transformers” to fulfill your tailor-made requirements!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Equipping your workforce with the rugged tablet pc as well as a suitable mounting solution could let you have significant time and cost savings.

Mounting solution differs. Whether it’s a forklift, wall, desk, cart, or machine, MACTRON GROUP provides you one-stop service for all mounting needs. From 7” to 12” rugged tablet pc, we got all the corresponding mounting kits as you want.

Vehicle mounting holder for size 7" to 12" rugged tablet pc

Rugged Tablet PC is a good fit for forklift applications as it is portable, which means it can be removed and carried to wherever it needs to be. More than that, the forklift operator can track down the inventory easily and improve productivity when the rugged tablet pc is mounted properly.

Mounting solutions fit the industrial and forklift usages

In a retail store, a rugged tablet pc showing the demo pictures and advertising campaigns could be great. But how to keep the tablet pc from being stolen and make it fixed in the proper position? All these problems can be solved with the help of suitable mounting solutions. A mounting kit provides an easier and more secure way for customers to operate the rugged tablet pc with preferred angles.

Free your hands and fix the mounting holder wherever you want

MACTRON GROUP’s Rugged Tablet PC goes with multiple mounting solutions can help you streamline management and increase productivity. Reach out to our MAA/MAS Series & Vehicle Mount Kits & Panel Holder Kits for more information.

Friday, October 16, 2020


Medical Mobile Tablet PCs provide healthcare personnel with mobility, up-to-date information at their fingertips. They include the following features: power & portability, antibacterial coating, medical certifications.

Power & Portability

Medical personnel is always on the go. A lightweight Medical Mobile Tablet PC makes it easier for medical personnel to bring it from room to room. It is small, yet powerful.

Medical Mobile Tablet PCs should be able to provide plenty of storage because they must hold a lot of vital information, such as patient records and prescriptions. Medical Mobile Tablet PCs will offer superior processing power because they need to be powerful enough to run several medical applications simultaneously.

Antibacterial Coating

The antibacterial coating on Medical Mobile Tablet PC is used to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. The design allows medical personnel to clean the entire tablet to avoid contamination due to substances like dust, dirt and blood.

Medical Certifications

A powerful Medical Mobile Tablet PC should comply with medical certification such as IEC60601-1 to ensure safety for near-patient uses.

Check out MACTRON GROUP(MTG)’s Windows Medical-Grade Mobile Tablet PC – MMS0700 & MMS1200 for more information. MTG is capable of providing your business with a total solution for healthcare industry, please find more about MTG’s Medical Healthcare Solution.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Rugged tablet pc has opened up a world of possibilities for users worldwide. A rugged tablet pc has numerous advantages and its ruggedized character makes it a great fit for the harsh environment applications, such as industrial automation usages, manufacturing processing and so on.

MACTRON GROUP’s mobile tablet pc is ruggedly designed with industrial grade quality. It is portable, durable, full of flexibilities and ready to give you the ultimate performance and enhance your work efficiency.

RFID technology is one of the data collection abilities MACTRON GROUP’s mobile tablet pc supports with. Let’s have a look to see what kinds of applications we can apply with.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It has become much more common across a number of industries and there are different types of RFID technology based on its frequency they use to communicate data: low frequency(LF), high frequency(HF) and ultra-high frequency(UHF). Usually the lower frequency of the RFID system means the slower data read rate and shorter read range.

The comparison chart of 3 types of RFID tags

MACTRON GROUP’s MCA Series Mobile Tablet PC enables you to utilize the UHF RFID technology, both built-in and external UHF RFID are available for your various deployment.

More than that, MACTRON GROUP’s Mobile Tablet PC can go with NFC Module, 1D/2D Barcode Scanning, Fingerprint, Iris and so on. It is powerful and flexible with ultimate performance. You can take advantage of MACTRON GROUP’s MCA Series to maximize your work efficiency and expect better overall management.

Want to know more about MACTRON GROUP’s Mobile Tablet PC? Contact us for more information about MACTRON GROUP’s MCA0806 Model, MCA Series and MAS/MAA Series.

Friday, August 14, 2020

MACTRON GROUP is pleased to release our New ME Design & Own Tooling Touch All-In-One PPC System WCP2157 Model. The WCP2157 Model is MACTRON GROUP’s Windows-based Panel PC featuring 21.5” True-Flat PCAP touchscreen. The WCP2157 Model delivers not only reliable performance, but provides multiple solutions for commercial usages.

At MACTRON GROUP, we value the packaging quality a lot, it is as important as the product quality control. From the outer carton packaging to inner content packaging, every step counts and we take it carefully and precisely to deliver the best quality products to our customers worldwide.

Apply the Shrink-Wrap & Strapping to secure goods on a strong wooden pallet.

WCP2157 Model Front Picture & Outer Carton Box

WCP2157 Outer Carton Box With MACTRON GROUP’s Signature Logo Printed on & Logo Sealing Tape.

Overhead View of The Outer Carton Box

WCP2157 Model is secured tightly.

Buffer Material Removed.

Overhead View of WCP2157 Model

MACTRON GROUP is delivering the orders of our WCP2157 Models to one of our Scandinavia customers for a big project of the local gaming casino. We keep improving and fine-tuning even though the business worldwide is slowing down due to the pandemic strike.

We do more than you expect! You can see MACTRON GROUP’s logo on the well-designed outer carton. The meaning behind our logo is related to our 3 focused market segments as Medical Healthcare, Industrial Automation and Business Commercial. WCP2157 Model is the latest signature of our WCP Series.

Take a look as below about how WCP2157 Model sets itself apart from other competitor’s products.

Front Side:

WCP2157 Model features the chic appearance and compact body with a small footprint to save valuable space in various industrial applications.

  • WCP2157 has a 21.5” True-Flat PCAP touchscreen and 350 nits brightness
  • Aluminum Die Casting Housing in the middle provides better protection from water and dust ingress
  • Ultra Slim 49.9mm thickness with 3 piece design

Rear Side:

WCP2157’s magnetic I/O ports cover is designed for simplifying installation and easy assembling. This unique design brings great convenience for users and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

  • 3 Less Design : Fanless & Ventless & Screwless
  • Appealing Silky surface gives customers a great visual experience

If you are looking for improving efficiency and need a constructive solution, look no further than WCP2157 Model. Contact us for more information about MACTRON GROUP’s WCP2157 Model.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Rugged tablet pc improves processes for the logistics industries with its multiple data collection abilities such as RFID technology. Inventory is managed more easily and data is made more readily available to the workers so the decisions can be executed quickly.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. It is a wireless, contactless communication technology. It allows RFID tags to be read without a line of sight and therefore it is useful especially when your assets are located at where is hard to reach.

Benefits of RFID

  1. Optimizing your inventory management
    Because RFID allows data to be captured in real-time as inventory is moved. You can have up-to-date management information for planning purposes.
  2. Multiple RFID tags scanned at once
    Thanks for that. It enables the entire pallet-load of products to be checked simultaneously instead of checking it manually one by one.
Feature products: MCA0802


One of the most common uses of RFID is inventory tracking in the logistics industry.

RFID is a great fit for users that need to identify many assets in a given area, especially when the assets are hard to reach. Because RFID tags don’t require a reader that is in the same line of sight, it eliminates the need for the workers to manually scan each box.

Using MACTRON GROUP’s MCA Series Rugged Tablet PC with RFID readers, companies in the logistics industry can improve their inventory management efficiency and reduce the potential human error while operating.

Contact us for more information about MACTRON GROUP’s MCA Series, MCA0522 Model, MCA0802 Model.